EVOLution of TREEs as drivers
of terrestrial biodiversity

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Make the most of EVOLTREE funding initiatives for your research


Databases in the eLab containing genetic, genomic and ecological information about genes, genome sequences, and natural experimental plantations.

Intensive Study Sites - large scale ecosystem plots to be used for genotyping and phenotyping studies. Travel grants available!


EVOLTREE Online Seminar Series 2021 on "Adaptation to Climate Change"

A series of virtual events featuring leading experts in research on climate change adaptation - both in forest trees and other organisms. The series will be an opportunity to hear the latest from relevant scientists in the field, exchange ideas and discuss potential collaborations and projects.

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First EVOLTREE Conference 2021: Genomics and Adaptation in Forest Ecosystems

The first EVOLTREE Conference, hosted by WSL Birmensdorf (Switzerland) from 14-17 September, 2021, focuses on the genomics of trees and interacting species from evolutionary, demographic, and ecological perspectives.

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EVOLTREE Online Seminar Series 2020 on Polygenic adaptation

A series of virtual events featuring leading experts in research on polygenic adaptation - both in forest trees and other organisms. The series will be an opportunity to hear the latest from relevant scientists in the field, exchange ideas and discuss potential collaborations and projects.

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EVOLTREE activities: time for choices and change

At the EVOLTREE 2019 Governing Board Meeting in Aberdeen in September, an appraisal was made of all the network activities and resources in order to help shape the current phase of EVOLTREE (2019-2022).

Fulfilling the research needs of EVOLTREE members is at the heart of everything EVOLTREE does; it endeavours to deliver to its network the activities, initiatives and resources that are most requested and needed at the time. This is why, at the onset of each new four year phase, EVOLTREE carries out a survey to determine the overall needs of the EVOLTREE community and consults its Governing Board members.

Taking into account the results of the latest consultations, as well as the current EVOLTREE budget, decisions were made at the EVOLTREE 2019 Governing Board Meeting in September regarding the direction the network is to take in this new four year phase (2019-2022). The board identified and approved the activities to be maintained in this phase, as well as those to be prioritised and unfortunately stopped. What's more, two new activities were approved.
The result aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the network, hopefully injecting it with some new energy, ideas and dynamics and ensuring that members from all over the network will benefit.
So what will EVOLTREE be bringing its members from 2019 to 2022?
Take a look below:

Prioritised (core activities)



Newly introduced

eLab & Portals

(OPPORTUNITY, Conference Grants)



Intensive Study Sites


 Repository Centre
(as from January 2020)

Shaping the Funding Environment
(topics, proposals, projects)

Bi-annual EVOLTREE Conferences

While we are looking forward to implementing the new activities and to further developing and maintaining the existing ones, it is with regret that we are letting the Repository Centre go, due to general gradual disuse and funding restrictions.

A common storage facility that hosts biological and genetic resources collected by EVOLTREE members, the Repository Centre was established when EVOLTREE was launched as an EU-funded Network of Excellence in 2006.

Now a self-supporting research group, EVOLTREE can only afford to sustain popular activities and resources. Therefore, the Repository Centre will be operational until the end of December 2019. For more details about what this closure will imply for any of your material, please contact your institute's EVOLTREE Governing Board representative.

‘Shaping the Funding Environment’, is a new initiative aiming to support members in developing research proposals by, for example, using the network to canvas opinion and prioritise research needs, to raise awareness of different research opportunities and to circulate EVOLTREE-motivated topics via members’ national channels.

The idea behind the second new activity, the Bi-annual EVOLTREE Conferences, is to provide a forum every two years for the EVOLTREE community - in particular students and early career scientists - to meet and discuss topics related to the network.

These two new initiatives are in their beginning stages of development and dedicated working groups comprising volunteer members will contribute to and oversee their implementation. A third working group will be responsible for ensuring the revision of both the structure and the content of the EVOLTREE databases and the website in general.

The funding initiatives that were in place in the last phase will continue, with new resources being allocated to the popular OPPORTUNITY Project Grants (next call in 2020).

We hope that you will be able to benefit from one or more of our initiatives in order to help develop and give visibility to your research in this new phase. We will keep you updated with all developments!



Written by Hayes4Com

Photo by Chris Layton on Unsplash


Funding Initiatives

Funding is available for EVOLTREE members: training expense reimbursement, conference grants and project grants


eLab Services

The eLab provides a search interface which can browse over all databases currently available within the EVOLTREE project.



Scientific events of interest to the EVOLTREE community are listed here. Conference grants are available to cover expenses



EVOLTREE is a growing resource, archived Articles can be found here.

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