EVOLution of TREEs as drivers
of terrestrial biodiversity

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Repository Centre - Material Request/Transfer

It is possible to either request material from the EVOLTREE Repository Centre, or to transfer material to it. This page describes the possibilities and provides the needed forms (contact information can be found inside the forms).

Material Request

When requesting material from the repository centre, you are asked to fill the necessary Material Usage Agreement ( download) before the material can be made available by AIT. This form will be transferred to the owner of the material (i.e. provider) who needs to be informed on the research purpose the material will be used for. The provider may not prohibit the transfer of material, but is eligible to delay transfer of material up to 3 months (as regulated by the EVOLTREE Framework Agreement).

 Price list for requesting material

Material Transfer

For each material transfer, the traceability form has to be filled and signed ( download)

Material transfer guidelines EVOLTREE ( download)

Repository Centre


Funding Initiatives

Funding is available for EVOLTREE members: training expense reimbursement, conference grants and project grants


eLab Services

The eLab provides a search interface which can browse over all databases currently available within the EVOLTREE project.



Scientific events of interest to the EVOLTREE community are listed here. Conference grants are available to cover expenses



EVOLTREE organises different training courses on different topics. Financial support is available for participants from EVOLTREE partner organisations.