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To see the (Black) Forest for the trees: Black Forest Summer School 2016 on NGS data for phylogenetics – Young sequencing scientists secluded in the Black Forest

13 to 17 September

Organised by the University of Marburg

 Download the report by Prof. Dr. Stefan Rensing, University of Marburg

Photo: BFSS

Workshop on cork oak woodlands: an ecosystem in the edge of climate change

6-9 of September

Organised by the University of Lisbon, School of Agriculture (ISA), Portugal


By Gediminas Jasinevicius, European Forest Institute and Eduardo Batista, Wageningen University 

The cork oak woodlands are important in the Mediterranean region; culturally, economically and environmentally. In Portugal there are more than one million hectares of evergreen cork oak woodlands. However, this unique ecosystem started to shrink mainly due to the severe climate conditions, especially droughts caused by the global climate change. In order to sustain this woodlands, scientific knowledge on cork oak adaptation to the climate change is needed.

The University of Lisbon (School of Agriculture) organised an EVOLTREE workshop on cork oak woodlands (6-9 of September 2016). Over 20 participants from different research organisations shared their knowledge on cork oak management, genetic variability and climate change threats.  A one-day field trip to the cork oak woodland “Companhia das Lezírias” enriched understanding about oak management and ongoing research projects. 

In summary, the workshop was timely and very well organised. 

Photos by
Gediminas Jasinevicius (EFI)



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